Turnkey Projects

Delivering Complete Turnkey Automation and Robotics Solutions

We designs and builds industrial automation equipment intended to help you increase production, reduce costs, and improve product quality. To achieve these deliverables, we conduct a complete analysis of customer needs and assembly operations and present a cost-effective "INNOVATIVE SOLUTION." This careful focus on our clients' needs producing well-crafted machinery that addresses difficult automation situations, resulting in higher productivity and profit for the end user. Our engineering and build groups combine decades of experience in Rice Machinery Automation with a team-based approach to machine-building that delivers proven results. Built to exacting standards, our machines are made to continually improve efficiency and increase productivity with a minimum of downtime. Our Automation strives to give you the best quality for your investment. By providing robust designs and continuing support,. Furthermore, wherever possible, we provide flexible designs that can be reconfigured as product needs evolve.

Successfully Installed Turnkey Projects