The factory and plant layout we have here has been designed according to process manufacturing ideology giving us an efcient, effective and well run operation where throughput and quality are monitored constantly and where customer service is driven through high levels of communication and consistent on time delivery

CNC Laser Cutting

Jyoti Group specializes in handling complex & precision Laser Cut Jobs. The advanced Trumpf Laser Machines provide us with an efcient, high speed and cost effective form of proling sheet metal which ensures that the work we produce is competitively priced. Our tolerance on laser cuts ranges from +/- .002 on thin sheet metal to +/- .005 on thicker metals.

  • Machine Power: 3.2 KW
  • Working area: 3000 x 1500 x 115 mm
  • Max. Sheet thickness - Mild Steel: 20 mm, Stainless Steel: 12 mm, Aluminum: 6 mm
  • Smallest programmable increment: 0.001 m
  • Max. Cutting Speeds up to: 35 m/min
  • Loading/Unloading:Automatic
  • Software: Original TruTops Laser software from Trumpf
  • Oxygen, nitrogen and shop air cutting
  • Auto Height Sensing - No material marking
  • Parts can be marked for identication purposes

CNC Hydraulic Machine

Latest CNC hydraulic press break machine of Hindustan hydraulic having capacity of 300 tons, which is developed for high exibility & low setup time with advantage of 6000 mm bending length. Stroke depth measurement through high precision linear glass scales upto 0.01 mm.

  • Cnc Press Breakes
  • Delem controller.
  • Taper bending facility
  • 3D Modulation of bending sequence.
  • Thickness up to 6-8 mm mild steel.
  • Thicknes s up to 4-5 mm stainless steel
  • CNC anti deection systems
  • Axis Position Accuracy

NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine

The Hindustan NC Hydraulic Shearing adds some more special advantage of higher cutting capacity at maximum rake angle. The fast and accurate multi position back gauge system is very efcient and accurate. The machine productivity and accuracy are much improved with NC controlled back gauge.

  • Schneider electric Controller
  • Up to 13.00 mm mild steel
  • Up to 8.00 mm stainless steel
  • Length up to 3050 mm
  • Automatic Rake angle adjustment
  • Pre-calibrated easy blade gap adjustment
  • Stroke counting on screen
  • Fast production on smaller jobs

Decoiler & Straightening Machine

The cut to length lines automatically feeds & cuts to even or random as required lengths of sheets by power shear/ y shear Using high precise straightness. These are technically accurate machines that have been assessed on performance & consistency in output before releasing to market.

  • length lines varies from 500 mm to 1600 mm
  • Width Coil thickness varies from 0.20 mm to 8.00 mm (CRC, HR, S.S. Material)
  • Weight of Coil varies from 1.0 ton to 25 tons
  • Operation : Hydraulic Power and Pneumatic Clutch
  • Construct : Made up of EN-31 material, alloy steel-roller, hardened gears etc
  • Control Line : Electrical Stopper line NC Servo Motor based Lin
  • Control Line Encoder : PLC Based

Sheet Bending Machines

The 3 roll plate machine has special feature makes it easy to bend and as a result, capable of bending plates of any strength. Backed by our sophisticated infrastructure we are able to offer fabrication works for wide range equipment.

  • Sheet Rolling diameter: 100 mm to 4500 mm width
  • Thickness up to 1.5 mm to 10.00 mm M.S
  • Thickness up to 1.5 mm to 8.00 mm S.S
  • Built-in conical bending feature
  • Small Dia. Top roll for small shell rolling
  • Double pre-bending and rolling in minimum time

Complete Workshop of Tig, Mig, Arc Welding and Plasma Cutters

We have a range of welding technologies and plasma cutters to suit a wide variety of production requirements as different jobs require different technologies. Welding quality and joint life is consistent with precisely controlled processes. When the job demands greater control, reliability and exibility you need to employ the correct welding technology to ensure you achieve the desired results. This is why we only use high performance welding sets and plasma cuttersmade by ESAB.