Housing are made from M.S. plate of suitable strength and mounted on heavy base frame. Rolls are made from for ged steel and perfectly machined for accurate result. Drop end controlled from control panel in order to release easily bent metal sheet and lifted upper rolls Calibrating for minimization of radius variations in a welded tube High precision torch for longer consumable life and better cut quality Extremely versatile multi-gas torch, allows you to pick the combination of gases, speed, and cut quality that we want Cutter beam working on precise and adjustable eccentric pivots Hydraulic hold-downs are automatically adjustable for pressure according to sheet - thickness With its CAD Program, the control offers a clear, fast and simple programming facility, User-friendly one-touch programming

Cnc Press Breakes

Pressbrakes rated up to120 tonnes are capable of bending up to 3 metre in lengths To assist in component design, has an advance 3D CAD system to develop complex folded components and to model multiple-part assemblies.CNC programs can be generated quickly and are stored electronically for future use.